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Welcome to SCAEP's new adoption connection page!

  • We are hoping to be a positive catalyst for the re-homing of companion bird and exotic pet species who are in need of a new loving environment to call home. We know how difficult it is for current pet owners to give up their beloved friends, but also understand that it is sometimes for the best. It is important to find a new home that is safe, secure, and ready to provide the love and care that every animal deserves.

If your exotic pet is in need of a new home, please EMAIL US with the following info:

  • Name of pet, species, age, gender, description of temperament, what supplies you are including, and any other information you feel necessary! - Don't forget to attach photos of your pet!

  • Also include: YOUR first name, a phone number or email address where potential new pet owners can reach you, and the town in which your pet currently resides.

Please note: SCAEP is strictly a connection point for any and all adoptions. We will not take part in the negotiations of payment or adoption criteria.

SCAEP and its doctors and employees are not responsible for the health of the animals up for adoption and do not require that the animals are seen for a physical exam before their adoption, although we do recommend exams annually- a healthy pet is happy pet!

As this service is designed strictly as a helpful resource, SCAEP will not be held financially or legally responsible for the outcome of any connection.


January 2021- A flock of 5 budgies consisting of two 2 males and 3 females is looking for a new home. The females and one male are of unknown age. The other male Bunny was hatched in August 2020. He lost use of both his legs and only has 2 of his toes. He has special perches to allow for him to be comfortable. They are trained with light timers to wake up at 7 am and go to bed at 7 pm. The cage door is open all day and they have free range of the bedroom. They start to go back to their cage at 6 pm. They are comfortable with humans and will jump on the owners hand for millet. There is one bonded pair in the group. They come with a large cage, food, treats, toys, and flat perches for Bunny. Located in the Buffalo area. Please contact Melissa at 716-400-3144 or Camp716@gmail.com.

January 2021- Speedy the red ear slider is looking for a new home! She is 13 years old. She comes with a tank, gallons of water jugs, floating platform, syphon and food. Please email Joey at jlbbeat@yahoo.com (preferred) or by phone 917-635-2293. Located in the town of Clarence.

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