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Welcome to SCAEP's new adoption connection page!                                          

  • We are hoping to be a positive catalyst for the re-homing of companion bird and exotic pet species who are in need of a new loving environment to call home. We know how difficult it is for current pet owners to give up their beloved friends, but also understand that it is sometimes for the best.  It is important to find a new home that is safe, secure, and ready to provide the love and care that every animal deserves.

If your exotic pet is in need of a new home, please EMAIL US with the following info:

  • Name of pet, species, age, gender, description of temperament, what supplies you are including, and any other information you feel necessary! - Don't forget to attach photos of your pet!

  • Also include: YOUR first name, a phone number or email address where potential new pet owners can reach you, and the town in which your pet currently resides.

Please note: SCAEP is strictly a connection point for any and all adoptions. We will not take part in the negotiations of payment or adoption criteria.

SCAEP and its doctors and employees are not responsible for the health of the animals up for adoption and do not require that the animals are seen for a physical exam before their adoption, although we do recommend exams annually- a healthy pet is happy pet!

As this service is designed strictly as a helpful resource, SCAEP will not be held financially or legally responsible for the outcome of any connection.

While you're here, check out these other avian/exotic adoption connection societies that are doing a great job re-homing wonderful pets!


  • This is Joey. He/she is a 10 year old Blue Hooded Conure. I am unable to care for him and, as you can see, Joey needs proper vet care. Over the last 2 years he has been unable to grow his primary feathers back and I cannot afford the vet care to find out what is wrong with him.
  • I would like to give Joey to a good home for free that has experience with birds and the resources to be able to give him the care he needs. He is very sweet and LOVES music. He will even sing along if he hears something he likes. Please give him a loving home!
  • Please contact Kristina Walters at (716)778-4923. 


  • These two have been living together for seven years.  
  • The Conure's name is Jimmy.  I adopted him from a woman who was taking him to the auction in PA.  I have had him for 8 years.  His name was Jimmy and so I kept it.  He has not been sexed - just refer to him as a he.  He know the step up command and will sit on your shoulder.  He will nip at times.  He says a few things, loves music, and TV.
  • The Lovebird I've had since he was a baby.  We've had him 10 years.  Again, he has not been sexed, just refer to him as a he.  His name is Jack.  It is a feisty little guy; a stinker like Captain Jack Sparrow (where he got his name).  He doesn't nip, but good luck getting close.  
  • These two love each other - they have lived in this flight cage for seven years and separating them would be deadly, I fear.  They enjoy a diet of seed, fresh fruit and veggies.  They love to be rolled outside, which is where they stay all day in the summer.  I bring them in at night.  They enjoy baths and are quite entertaining with our dogs!
  • My name is Mary Ann; we live in Hamburg, NY.  Please call 716-648-2624 If you are serious about taking care of two of the funniest pair you will meet!


  • INTRODUCING SUSIE... THE most delightful 33-year-old Blue-Front Amazon you will ever encounter. She will sit on my shoulder or hand, using the command "step up." At present, she does not snuggle but may learn to with patience.
  • She has an exceptional vocab with clear, distinct execution. Here are some current phrases:
Give me a kiss Time for work
Whatcha doin', huh? Susie's a good girl
Bye-bye Hi, Joey
You be good Rise and shine, it's morning time
Mmm, good, thank you Hi, mommy
Mommy loves her birdies, yes she does Birds can't talk
Hello I love you
C'mere What's the matter?
Jesus loves you, this I know... for the Bibe... Jesus loves Youuuu!
  • Her mommy has owned her for 17 years, and recently was diagnosed as having developed a hypersensitivity to her birds. Sadly, Susie needs a new loving and patient home.
  • Please consider a fair and reasonable re-homing fee. Contact Susan Barnes at (585) 808-8612.


  • This is Chivas! He is a 21 year old blue and gold macaw. He is tame and loves to talk. 
  • Asking for $1000 rehoming fee. Cage and stand are included. 
  • If interested, please contact Gayle Peterson at (716) 688-6408

  • This is Rocky! Rocky is a female Russian Tortoise that has been a longtime patient at Specialized Care. She has been with her family for about 6-7 years, but her primary caretaker will be going to college. They are looking to find her a loving home, preferably with someone experienced in tortoise care. Aquarium tank, heat lamps, heating pad, water dish, and half log hideout are all included for no charge. 
  • If interested, please contact Cathy at 716-937-6395 or by email at cathywuerch@gmail.com.


  • I'm looking for a good home for two lovely lovebirds.
  • $199 or best offer with large cage included.
  • Please call or text John at 716-861-7801.

  • Hello! We are leaving the area and cannot take our two 7-year-old cockatiel brothers with us. They are currently in a large King cage (can easily be downsized) and it is included.
  • Neither are hand-tamed but very happy singing together in their cage.
  • We aren't asking for a fee, just a good and loving home.
  • Please email Carol at camayer6@aol.com if interested.

  • Unfortunately my family has been presented with challenges that make us unable to be the best for my Bill.  We have decided it would be better to find him another loving home. This is not an easy decision but is the best one.  Bill is not a screamer and does not bite. I feel he is well behaved. He eats mostly pellet food. I can get him out of the cage with relative ease and he is able to be handled. 
  • The only thing I am looking for is the new owner has their own cage as the cage I have is older and starting to rust. I bought him a new one but had to return it to help out our situation. I am looking for some type of rehoming fee but am very negotiable. Bill has been seen at Specialized Care for Avian and Exotic Pets. I want bill to go to a great home and enjoy every day. 
  • If you have any questions you may contact John by email at jrudyk43@yahoo.com. I hope to hear from you! #cancersucks